Members security

I have been a client of Webs for many years. However, recently I discovered a problem and I am really worried about it. It concerns members privacy. After contacting your e-mail support, I was told that (at least) you keep the e-mail addresses private, but in my opinion that is not enough. I am going to explain why:

Some time ago, someone who was a scammer became a member of my site. Some time later, he tried to scam me. I understood what was going on and removed him from the members group. What if this person tried to scam the other members, too? I immediately warned them about this problem. However, do you realize the lack of credibility in my site that this can produce among the members? And if someone IS scammed through my site, what is my situation then?

This is probably a question that concerns other site owners... if they are aware of this problem. 

In the case of my site, people became members to receive the site newsletter, not to socialize... I believe that giving the members the option to choose if they are available to be contacted by the other members is a fair way to allow those who want to socialize to do so, and keep the others protected.

I do hope you look at this situation, and PLEASE do something to solve it. This cannot be to hard to do for skilled people like you! 


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