Sites or builder showing Not Secure in Chrome

What’s happening

As of the Chrome 68 update, scheduled to begin rolling out today, Google will mark any websites as “Not Secure” in the address bar if they are not on SSL/HTTPS.


What may be affected

Websites and builders may still be on HTTP and show “Not secure”. As HTTPS is enabled on our end, there may be other technical challenges that occur that we will work to promptly resolve.

Some sites may also show “mixed content” warnings, which means a portion of the site content is still loading over HTTP even though the site is on HTTPS. Any site that has custom HTML that is HTTP will be affected by this and will need to update content to HTTPS.


What we are doing

Our engineering teams are working to fully roll out SSL/HTTPS as quickly as possible and work in expected to be completed in the near future.

Please note that this Chrome update is just a change in the status that is displayed in the address bar. Sites are not any less secure than they were prior to this update.


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