searchable address book directory

for websites that feature other websites or businesses, for example restaurant finding websites or local business finding websites it would be useful to have an app or feature that allows us to list all of the businesses in one searchable address book. 

A user can then go to the page, enter a search term for the type of business they area looking for, for example Thai restaurants, London, and the address book would bring up relevant results. (please note, this is not a request for a search engine integration such as google or bing). 

The information on these businesses and details of their address and website would all be entered manually through the site builder 

For example my website hosts information about all automotive businesses which you can get discounts from. but say you were look for a business that specialises in Wheels in Birmingham, currently you would have to scroll through all the businesses listed on my page to find it. if there were a searchable directory then it would make that process much quicker.


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