Bulk Email BIG ISSUE

When sending a bulk email to my members, they receive the email from 'notifications@webs.com' and not from my website '@straightacesclub.com'

I understand this was done so emails don't get blocked by spam filters HOWEVER after sending my first email blast, i received numerous phone calls and messages from my members asking me if that email was from my website. It seems that although this method allows the email to bypass the spam filter, what is instead happening is the receiver automatically thinks it is spam because they don't recognise 'webs.com' so they delete the email anyway before reading it.

Can we please have a system in place whereby the emails being sent by our  website actually show up in members email inboxes as from our website.

Put yourself in their shoes, if you have never even heard of webs.com and you suddenly receive an email from the sender 'notifications@webs.com', you would think it was junk mail.

This would be a great help to get more traffic directing themselves to our website from the link trackable link in the email.



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