Beyond belief incompetence

i was recommend to this website company by a representative of Small Business Administration. I have sent multiple emails to the SBA

I have filed a complaint with SC Attonrey General Consumer Complaint dept and the BBB.

In the end, this is just a shitty company that has been run on the cheap and lacks the ability to fix the problem. Even if their building burned down they should have been up from a disaster recovery site in 48-72 hours. They obviously lack the technical capability to fix this and are too cheap (I assume to hire someone)

According an article on the web, VistaPrint bought webs.com for 117.5 million in 2011.

My plan (though I doubt it will matter) is to contact the parent company

I have lost over 10k which is still a lot of money for my small business

I can be contacted at StormseekerSurplus@gmail.com. I would appreciate any updates anyone reading this would care to share.

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