Seeing a pop up to attach a site when signing into Webs? Or having trouble deleting your free site? FWB-33352 FWB-32085


A small number of customers have reported that they are prompted to attach their site when they sign into Webs.com with their email address and password. They also report an error when attempting to delete their free site.


Our developers are investigating why some sites need to be manually attached. If you are attempting to delete your free site please reset your password through the process below.

Things to Check For:

Please note that it is possible to have a different password for both your Webs ID and username. For this reason, please insure that both of your passwords are the same prior to logging in. If these passwords are different, you will be unable to properly attach your site(username) to your Webs ID.

Please let us know if you're able to attach your site using the prescribed method above. If you continue to experience issues doing so, please provide us with your site URL here on this topic.


This issue can be solved manually by clicking on the Attach Site button and entering the password that was originally used when the site was created.

 Thank you for your patience!


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