Seeing a Captcha Prompt When Editing Apps Pages - DG-17153

Issue: Some customers are reporting seeing a Captcha prompt when editing the Blog, Calendar, Forums or other Apps pages. They are unable to post content to the App after seeing the Captcha prompt.

Status: Our Engineering team is further investigating.

What to Do: If you are affected, please post a comment with the following information:

1. Your Site Address

2. Your IP Address: https://www.whatismyip.com/

3. A screenshot of the Captcha with the Console tab open. Instructions to do this are below:

I. Press F12 while viewing the error message on the page to open the Console tool menu.
II. Press the Console tab on the Console menu. In Google Chrome, the Console tab is to the right of the Elements tab. You can also press the following keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome to immediately view the console tab: Control Shift J
III. Scroll all the way down the Console window to see if any error messages are displayed there in red text.

4. A screenshot of the Network tab in the Console menu. This is to the right of the Console tab.

For instructions on how to take a screenshot for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPod and other popular systems click here:


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


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