Some Live SB3 Desktop and Mobile Sites With the "Recent Testimonials" Module Having Slow Page Loading and Latency - DG-15882

 Issue: Some customers are reporting the pages on their live mobile or desktop sites are loading very slowly. The site loads after 20-50 seconds. Some pages partially load but do not show all the site content.

Status: The majority of sites reporting this issue have the "Recent Testimonials" module installed in the sidebar of their websites. This module is found on the Other tab on the Dock.  We are currently investigating what is causing the Testimonials App to have this effect.

Workaround: Delete the Recent Testimonials module from your sidebar. This is the link that says "Read More Testimonials..." on the sidebar. Removing that link from the homepage sidebar, and other pages where it is present, should alleviate the slow loading experienced on that individual page. You may need to remove the module from different sidebars on individual pages.

Thank you for your patience!


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