http://grapixpaper.com isn't redirecting to my tumblr site

I purchased the domain http://grapixpaper.com through webs.com and I only bought it to redirect to my main site http://grapixpaper.tumblr.com


the http://grapixpaper.tumblr.com is up and working properly but my website http://grapixpaper.com is not redirecting it correctly.

My tumblr is set up correctly http://imgur.com/a/WpBJZ but it keeps telling me that 

"This domain’s A-record is not pointing to Tumblr. You need to change your domain’s A-record to:"

But my A-record is setup correctly in webs though , youll see that all of them are addressed to http://imgur.com/a/3TSfM

This has been setup like this for more than a year now and it has always worked up until last monday.

Can you please fix this please, Ive opened so many request to you guys and you dont even look at it. I hope that this one will be noticed 




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