Unable to delete SPAM comments from blog article

This is kinda small potatoes (in the greater scheme of Webs' issues).

5 years ago, before creating the forum, I started my website as a blog.

Only ever wrote two articles, per se, one of them was an introduction:


It's sat there, quite innocuously, since 29th January 2012, without (from memory) ever attracting a single comment. That was until a week ago - 23rd January 2017 (a couple of weeks after the switch to Cloudflare hosting) when the first SPAM comment appeared. I tried reporting it as SPAM (no effect). I've tried deleting it umpteen times, but it doesn't go away. 


There are now 3 SPAM comments and the 'Delete' button doesn't work.

I've logged a call with Misty in Customer Support - reference 1182910.




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