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“What’s the best way to format my text to make it more professional and attractive?”

Your text should be consistently formatted and easy to read for your visitors. This means deciding on one font, color and size for your main text and sticking to it. When you first select a theme for your site with Webs, default font types and colors have already been chosen for you.

In some cases you will want to customize your text. When doing so, keep the following in mind:

Quick Tips:

  • Try to only use all-caps for headers and titles, not for huge blocks of text like paragraphs.
  • Only use bold, italics and underlines to enhance or stress certain words, not entire paragraphs.
  • Make sure the color of your text contrasts nicely with your background images and colors.

Click through the following sections for expanded tips and suggestions on using text. Click here for more information on using the Title and Paragraph modules.


Choosing fonts

If you decide to change your font from the theme default, remember that the more decorative (or fancy) a font is, the more difficult it may be to read (Example A). Fonts used for paragraphs, lists or other large blocks of context should be as easy to read as possible, especially for professional and business sites.

Example A:

Example B:

When using the title or paragraph modules, it is also important to remember that fonts used for titles and headers are intended to be more decorative than the ones provided for paragraphs.

Choosing color

Make sure the color of your text contrasts nicely with your background pattern and colors. Generally, dark (black) text on a light (white) background is the easiest to read, especially for visitors that may have visual impairments.


In the example above, the site owner chose a color for the header and title text that matches the theme and imagery of her site. The color choice also matches the idea of a “sweet” environment for the candy store. Your site colors and other design choices can help to reinforce the type of products or services you are selling.

Copying & pasting text

If you want to copy and paste text from a program such as Word or any other program into a Text module, be sure to first paste the text into a plain text editing program like Notepad or TextEdit. Doing this removes any proprietary formatting that may disrupt the appearance of your site and the performance of the SiteBuilder. You can then copy the plain text version into the Paragraph module and use the tools for that module to apply formatting.


Be sure not to paste anything other than text using the Text module. If you want to add images to your site, use the images module. If you want to add a table to your site, use the table module to build one from scratch.

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