Disable Browser Add-Ons/Toolbars for Troubleshooting

Sometimes toolbars can conflict with viewing or editing your website. Many applications come with browser toolbars that are offered with the program or install automatically along with them. They are designed to enhance your browsing experience in other ways. Toolbars will appear just under the address bar. 

Google Chrome

Known extensions and toolbars that can affect editing using Google Chrome: Skype (blocks the ability to enter text in applications such as the Blog/Forums), AdBlock Plus and Bulldog Antivirus (interferes with loading sitebuilder/sitedesigner), and toolbars that include a Coupon Buddy or BitTorrent client (often blocks the ability to load sitebuilder or enter text in applications).


Click here for instructions from Google on how to disable extensions in Chrome.

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer can also be affected by Coupon Buddy/ BitTorrent client toolbars but it is seen less often. 

Click here for instructions from Internet Explorer on how to disable extensions.


Firefox and IE can also be affected by the ask.com Toolbar. Typically this affects dropdown menus but may also cause problems with saving content. 


Everyone.net premium email services are blocked by any browser with the Yahoo! Toolbar, when attempting to check or compose email the toolbar will redirect to a Yahoo! Page Not Found 404 error. 


Click here for instructions from Firefox on how to disable extensions.

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