Email Services: Mailbox/Account Suspended

You have attempted to send an email and receive one of the following messages:

"The message was rejected for the following reason: Permanent Failure: Your account has been suspended for a violation of the terms of usage. Please contact your system administrator."

"The message was rejected for the following reason: Permanent Failure: Your ability to send new mail has been suspended as a high volume of suspicious mail has been sent from your account recently. Please contact your IT administrator"

The cause may be one or more of the following:

  1. If an email address is reported multiple times as a sender of spam. Our system then logs the reports of spam reports without the recipients identifying information and automatically suspends the account. Repeated reports of this nature may result in permanent suspension of the account.
  2. Sending mass emails.
NOTE: These are the limits on our email accounts:

This section is separated by Webmail and SMTP. Webmail means you are logging to your email service with to send emails. SMTP means you are using an email application (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to send emails.


*600 messages a day (24 hours) per user/mailbox *Per message: 300 total recipients (100 To, 100 CC, 100 BCC) *Per message: 50 total recipients under a single domain not to exceed 2,000 header characters (spaces included) - unless that domain is the same as that of sender. *No more than 1000 off-domain recipients per 24 hour window for a given user. *No more than 500 off-domain recipients per hour for the IP used to connect to the web mail service.


No more than 900 recipients per message. No more than 900 off-domain recipients per 24 hour window for a given user.

If you are looking to send a mass mail or emails to many individuals, it is best to use our email blast feature or newsletter service (constantcontact, mailchimp, etc)


Discontinue sending emails for 24 hours. Your suspension will be removed after 24 hours automatically, if you have not continuously violated this stipulation. If your suspension is not removed after that time, submit an email to us via your support section  at

Provide all of the following info in your email:

  1. Domain name
  2. Email Address/mailbox suspended
  3. Password for that mailbox


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