If you have contacted Support to report a problem with your site, you were probably asked to provide a screenshot. Screenshots are probably the  most important piece of data you can provide towards resolving an issue and there are many reasons why.

Depending on your operating system, browser type or browser version, the way your website appears to you may be different for other visitors. Providing a visual example of what you see will put us in your shoes so that we can see exactly what you’re seeing and easily identify what might be wrong.

Screenshots are also extremely helpful to the engineering team. When you submit a screenshot of your issue, we add those images to bug reports so that the issue is easily identifiable if it reoccurs.

To create a screenshot on a PC:

  • Load the page with the error
  • Hold down the Control key and hit Print Screen on your keyboard
  • Open Paint, or another image editing application, hold down the Control key and hit V to paste the image into the application.
  • Save the image as a jpg and attach it to your email

 To create a screenshot on a Mac:

  • Load the page with the error
  • Open Grab from your Applications folder
  • Select Capture Screen
  • Save the image (it will be in tiff format)
  • Open the image in iPhoto, Photoshop, or another photo manipulation program
  • Save the image as a jpg and attach it to your email

When creating a screenshot, it is always best to take a screenshot of the full browser window, not just the area where the error or bug exists. This way you can capture browser add-ons, toolbars or other browser customization that may be contributing to the issue. 

Support Details

An additional recommendation is to provide the details of your computing environment via This provides your current browser and operating system information, as well as other useful details like your screen resolution. 

In order to have the best site-building experience please ensure that you are using a current modern browser version.

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