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Update (8/19/2013) This is now being enforced by the email provider. If you did not update your password to meet the deadline below, you must change your password before you can sign in.

Recently a large number of our customers received an email reminder to change their email password from the email address:


Please be aware that this is a legitimate email and it is recommended that you change your password before the deadline unless your password already meets requirements.


Requirements for your email password are as follows:

  * The password must be 8-20 characters and can not start or end in a space.
  * The password must contain at least one of these characters: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\\{}|:\";',./< >?
  * The password must contain at least one digit [0-9].
  * The password must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter.
  * The password must not match your login name or email address.

The deadline is November 08, 2012.

You can change your email password through the Custom Email Services section of your account.

How to change your Domain Email password

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the "Panel" tab at the top of the site builder
  3. Click Custom Email Services
  4. Select the domain to manage from the Manage Email drop down and click Manage
     The domain you select should be the domain name for the email services you need to change the password on
  5. Next to the user who's password you need to change click the link that says "Set Password"
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