Introduction to Applications

Applications (apps) are tools like the Web Store, Blog, Photo Gallery and Calendar that allow you to publish several pages of pre-formatted content without creating several new site pages from scratch. 



NOTE: Pages that are generated using applications do not work the same way as pages created with the SiteBuilder. Modules also cannot be dragged and dropped onto app-generated pages.


 Click through each of the following topics for more information on using applications on your website. 

Popular Applications

To add an application to your site, click Pages at the top of your account and click the green +Add A New Page button at the top of your Pages list.


In the "Create a New Page" window, you will see the options to create a new Standard Page, an App Page or an External Link. Click the App Page tab.

You will have a choice between the four most popular applications - Web Store, Blog, Photo Gallery and Calendar.


Select the application you want to add, update the page name in the required field if you wish and click the green Create Page button. If you choose not to change the page name, it will take the name of the application.


You will then be taken to the main page of the application, where you can mange the settings and perform other tasks. The application will also be added to your site's navigation menu. The appearance of this page will differ depending on the type of application you have added, as well as your site's theme.

App Store


For a broader selection of applications, click the Apps tab at the bottom of My Pages menu.



In the App Store window, you will see three tabs:

  • All Apps: this includes applications built by Webs as well as third-party providers
  • Webs Apps: this tab will only list applications that were created exclusively by Webs
  • Installed Apps: this tab displays applications that have already been installed on your website. Depending on what type of website you decided on when opening your account, you may already have some applications installed.
Installing an Application

Click Learn More for the application you wish to install


The Information tab tells you everything you need to know about the application. The Screenshots tab provides visual examples of how the application will look on a published website.

Click Install app to add the application to your website. 

NOTE: If you are installing a third party app (like Cafe Press, for example) you’ll be prompted to create or connect to your account with that provider before your application is properly installed on your website.
Uninstalling an Application

Deleting an application from your site is not the same as deleting a regular site page.

Click Pages at the top your account to locate the application in your My Pages list. 

You can remove the application from your Pages list or click the Apps tab and click Delete from your list of Installed Apps.


You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to uninstall the app. Click Yes and the application will be removed from your site.

NOTE: For applications like Blog where you have created and published content, your data will not be deleted. If you decide to reinstall the application, your entries will not be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add an application more than once?

An application is not a page; it is a tool that generates pages. Therefore, it cannot be installed more than once. Once an application is installed, you can add different categories from one application to your navbar, which may give the appearance of more than one of the same application on your site.

When you have the application open during the editing stage, click on a category name and go to the Page Settings menu (this is the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page). From the Page Settings menu, select Add To Navbar.

Only applications that publish categories (Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Webstore, Blog, and Forums) are capable of this alternative. 

What are app feeds?

App feeds are feed modules that coincide with the applications you have installed on your site. Modules for App feeds will not appear until you start publishing using the associated application. They are located under the Other tab in your module categories. Current app feeds are as follows:

  • Members Area: Creates sign in or register area for the Members App.
  • Recent Videos: Most recent videos added to the Video Gallery App
  • Recent Photos: Most recent images added to the Photo Gallery
  • Featured: Most recent products added to the Webstore

Can I change the layout of applications?

Application pages are different from Sitebuilder pages. They are pre-determined layouts where all you have to do is input the information, like your webstore items, or calendar events. You can add custom text and change the options for the application using the Settings option in the editor. It is not possible to drag modules into an application page.

What is the main difference between apps and modules?

Modules are a specifically designed for manual page-building.

Applications (such as Blog, Photo Albums, Webstore and Video Gallery) are designed to manage large amounts of content by automatically generating pre-formatted pages that the site owner does not have to build or design manually.

When should I use an application?

Applications are best for handling large amounts of content that will automatically generate pages.

If you plan on building a site where you’re posting articles every day, it’s better to install the Blog app rather than create a new page in the SiteBuilder with the text and image modules. Using an application in these cases will save you time.

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