Introduction to the Webs Dashboard


This Webs Dashboard allows you to access your site settings and form submissions, as well as manage your domains and use new tools like Stats and SEO Booster. What follows is an overview of each tool along with links to more detailed articles.

Click through the following topics to learn more about each section of the Webs Dashboard.


The Home section is the main page of the dashboard. It displays a thumbnail of your site, the name of your site and your primary web address. The pencil icon near your address allows you to edit your primary site address, either by changing your subdomain or applying a custom domain name.

The Successful Website Checklist provides you with helpful tips and tasks that will enhance and optimize your site, such as:

  • Get Started: Complete your account information.
  • Build Your Website: Take advantage of any site-building tools you may have missed to add exciting new features to your site.
  • Look Professional: Professional touches that give you an independent web presence.
  • Get Found: Increase traffic to your site with these search engine optimization tasks.
  • Be Social: Engage with visitors and get more traffic with social networking.

The best way to tell how your site is performing with visitors and search engines is to monitor your traffic.


Your Stats can be accessed through the account dashboard under Statistics.

Click here for an introduction to the Webs Stats tool

Webs Premium

Under the Webs Premium tab, you can review your Premium package type or upgrade the package for your site. You can also access your domain coupon if it's included in your package.


Domains & Email

On this tab you can manage your domains and email services. 



Check out the Look Professional section for more on managing Domains and Email.

Form Submissions

If you have created contact forms for your site and want to retrieve messages, click Form Submissions in the left column. This will take you to the Form Submission page where you can:

  • View a list of messages sent via your form module
  • Toggle between message lists if you have more than one form module on your website
  • Export form messages to a .csv file
  • Change the form submission email address




Click here for more information on Contact Forms and Form Submissions.

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is a great way to quickly assess your site for opportunities to increase your visibility in search engines. The Booster will scan your site, identify opportunities, then present you with a list of optimization tasks to complete.

NOTE: SEO Booster is currently available to site owners with Pro packages and the new internal dashboard. Click here to add a Pro package to your account.



Click here for an Introduction to the SEO Booster.


Manage the mobile version of your website



For more information on Mobile click here.


Here, you will be able to add your Google Websmaster and Analytics codes, as well as activate Social Mode and add keywords to your site.



For an in-depth look at Site Settings click here.

File Manager

Also included under the Settings tab is your File Manager. From your File Manager, you can upload and delete files, as well as see how much web storage space you are using.



Click here for more information on the File Manager.

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