You can create a blog for your site by installing the the Blog application.

  1. Click Pages at the top of your account
  2. Click Add A New Page
  3. Click the "App Page" tab
  4. Click Blog
NOTE: The Blog application uses a different interface for posting text and images than the Sitebuilder. 

 Click here for more on adding applications to your website.

Blog Settings


Once your Blog is installed, click Settings to begin setting up your blog. 

  • The Blog Description section allows light HTML. This description is optional and will appear on the main page of your blog. 
  • Who can post blog entries and Who can manage categories depends on member permissions like regular Members, Administrators and Moderators. For more on Member Permissions, check out the Members App article
  • The Entry approval option allows the site owner to approve posts by members before they are published publicly.


Manage Categories

Categories allow you to tag your blog entries. Add a New Category or manage your existing categories. Categories appear in the sidebar of the blog and allow you to filter to blog entries posted on a specific category.



Post Entry

To post a new blog entry, click the “post new entry” button to get started.


When you post a new blog entry, you can give the entry a title and up to three categories. Click “more options” to change the time stamp for the entry, or schedule the entry to be posted on a future date. “More options” will also allow you to control who can see the post.

Formatting Your Text

You may already be familiar with most of the formatting options in the toolbar, but there are a few tools you can use that will greatly enhance your blog posts.

Insert Image: Insert images from your File Manager, a hosted URL or upload a new one. 

Insert Video: Insert videos from your File Manager, Youtube, or upload a new one. you can also use the video tool to upload an audio player.

TIP: When using the Youtube option and you want to post a specific video, insert the URL of the Youtube video in the search box instead of keywords.

Only Site Owners can upload images and videos using the Blog application.

Edit HTML Source: By clicking this button, you can toggle to view the raw HTML of your blog post. Use this option to fine tune your edits using standard HTML formatting.

WARNING: Exercise caution when adding custom or third-party HTML. Not all coding is compatible with the editor and may cause editing or viewing errors.

Click Publish once you’re done posting. You can always go back and make changes with the “edit” option. you also have the option of saving your post as a Draft and returning to complete it later. 

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