Modules allow you to easily add content to your like text and images as well as dynamic content like videos. In the Sitebuilder they are located along the bottom section called the "Dock".

Module Categories

Modules are organized into five categories that can be viewed by clicking on the tabs just under the icons:

  • Popular: These are the modules you'll be using the most to fill your site with general content like text and images.
  • Structure: These modules are used to create columns and tables.
  • Media: Add dynamic content like audio and video.
  • Social: You can use these modules to enhance your site with social networking features like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Commerce: Modules that allow you to add eCommerce options such as PayPal and Google Checkout buttons.
  • Other: This category includes feed modules that coincide with the applications you have installed on your site. Most modules for App Feeds will not appear in the dock until you start publishing using the associated application. You will also the Custom HTML and Map modules under this category.

Add A Module To A Page

When working with a blank page, you will see prompts in one or more areas (depending on your chosen layout or theme) to "drag & drop modules here"


Using your computer mouse, select from a group of modules at the bottom of the screen and drag one into place.


The main background of the editor will go dark and the module area will turn blue as you are preparing to drop your module.


Once the module is in place, you can begin editing. A toolbar with various formatting options will appear depending on the type of module you’ve chosen.


Can I use modules with apps?

Apps do not behave the same as pages created in the Builder. They have their own built-in layouts and limited customization options. They also have different editors, uploaders and encoders. You will not be able to customize app pages by dragging and dropping modules.

Because they rely on two different editing systems, modules cannot be dragged onto pages that are generated with applications. You may, however, add an App Feed module to a regular SiteBuilder page.

What's the difference between apps and modules?

Applications such as Blog, Photos Gallery and Video Gallery are designed to manage large amounts of content by automatically generating pre-built pages that the site owner does not have to build or design manually.

Modules are a specifically designed for manual page-building.

How do I delete a module?

Click on the content you would like to delete and click the red 'x' associated with the module.

Having trouble dragging and dropping modules?

Confirm that you do not have a third party toolbar installed on your browser, which can interfere with the Builder and cause problems with dragging modules. It is also recommended that your browser is up-to-date, as older browsers cannot fully support drag and drop features. The Webs Sitebuilder works best with the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome.

How do I hide modules while I'm editing?

If you want to minimize the modules during an editing session, you can do so by clicking the Toggle Dock button that appears in the lower-right corner of the Builder, just under the modules.

Is there a limit to how many modules I can add to a page?

There is no limit to how many modules you can add. Once you drag a module on a page for the first time, you can continue adding modules to your page. Your page will become longer as you add modules.

The theme used for this article is "Menu" and can be found in the Theme Editor. Click here for more on using themes.

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