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Bing Webmaster Tools offers web analytics that help follow your sites traffic and recent trends of your site’s activity. Web analytics are not just tools for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business research and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a web site.

How do I get my site verified by Bing?

Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can create one here Once you reach your webmaster dashboard, you can add your site(s).


Enter your site address in the "Add A Site" field and click Add.

This will take you to the About My Website page, where you can begin to plug in information about you, the site owner.


If you want to provide sitemap you can provide the location in the "Add a sitemap" field. Then select what period of the day your site receives the most traffic and click "Add."

NOTE: Webs accounts come with a sitemap already made for you. Simply enter the the url of your account followed by /sitemap.xml (Ex. or

Once you are done filing out the form, click Save.  This will bring you to the Verify Ownership page with your verification options.



How do I verify my site by uploading an XML file?

Option 1 requires you place an XML file on your web server.

  • Download BingSiteAuth.xml by clicking on the link that appears on your Verify Ownership page in the Option 1 panel.
  • Upload the file to your site via your File Manager.
  • Confirm successful upload by typing your site address and adding /BingSiteAuth.xml to the end of the URL. (example:
  • Click the Verify at the bottom of the Bing Verify Ownership page.


How do I verify my site by Adding a CNAME record to DNS?

If your Webs site has a custom domain, you can use the CNAME option (Option 3). The Option 3 panel provides the alias record that you will add.
Click the dropdown for "Your DNS Provider" and select your domain provider from the list.


When you select a provider for the dropdown, you'll be directed to instructions for how to add a CNAME for that provider.

Click Verify when you are done.

When your site has been verified your Bing Websmaster Dashboard will show the current status and recent trends of your site’s activity. 


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