Password Protection and Privacy

"How do I make my website or certain pages private?"

There are a few of reasons why you may want to make certain pages of your site private. You may want to build and save your site without making the content public, or you want to share privileged content with specific visitors and not the general public

If you want to make your site or pages visible to certain visitors, you can set Password Protection. 


Hover over the page you wish to protect until the Settings (gear) button appears on the right.

From the Settings menu, select "Password Protect." 

Available options are

  • Everyone: allow anyone to view this page
  • Members: allow only members of this website to view this page
  • Password:  require visitors to enter a specified password to view this page

About Master Password


The "password" open in the Password Protect window is for Master Password. This is a global setting, meaning the same username and password are used for all (master) password protected pages. It is not recommended that you use this option if you want visitors to access these pages with their own personalized passwords. 

Master Password is a Premium option. Click here to upgrade your site with a Premium package

You can also perform this function from the Builder by selecting "Password Protection" from the Page Settings menu.

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