Photo Gallery Module

 Use the Photo Gallery module to easily create and add a simple, attractive photo gallery to any page created using the Sitebuilder. 

NOTE: For managing a much larger quantity of photos and albums, it is recommended that you use the Photo Gallery application, which is not the same as the Photo Gallery module. 
Add the Module and Photos


To get started with your Photo Gallery, select the Photo Gallery module under the Media tab of your Sitebuilder dock.  Click and drag the module into the desired position on your page.  The module is also located under the Popular tab.


Once the module is in place, double-click the placeholder to begin adding your photos. You can arrange images and format your gallery later.


You have the option of uploading images or using images that are already stored from earlier use on your site. To quickly add photos, you can drag your image files from a folder on your computer directly into the Manage Photo pop-up.


From the Manage Photos pop-up, you can arrange and add captions to your images. 


Add a Caption

When you hover on an image thumbnail in the Manage Photos pop-up, options to leave a caption or delete the image appear in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.


Click the caption icon to begin typing your caption.


Click save changes when you are done.



With the gallery in place you can begin formatting it. Click Settings in the toolbar to open your Gallery Settings menu.



Photos Per Row

This allows you to set the maximum number of photos can can appear per row (horizontally).  When changing this settings, keep in mind that images will automatically re-size to accommodate the amount of space permitted by the module. 

Crop Style

This will set the thumbnail as either a square or a rectangle.

Grid Padding

This setting allows you to change the amount of space that surrounds each thumbnail in the Gallery.


This setting will allow visitors to click on your gallery images and view them as a full-screen slideshow. Titles and captions will also appear in this view if you have them applied. If Lightbox is turned "off" only the thumbnails can be viewed and they will not be enlarged if a visitor clicks on them.

Hover Icon and Hover Color

These settings determine the look of your cursor when you hover on a thumbnail and how the thumbnail is highlighted. 

Title and Caption

These options allow you to set if and when titles and captions are displayed.  Your titles and captions are added when you're adding photos in the Manage Photos window.

Crop and Delete

You'll notice that you also have options to edit and manage your images from the Builder without clicking into Manage Images or Settings. Hover on the thumbnail to reveal your options.


  • Crop allows you to zoom in and adjust the focus of your thumbnail, similar to the Image module.
  • You can enter your Caption and title without opening the Manage Images window.
  • You can also Delete the image.


Publish and View


Once you are satisfied with your gallery, click the green Publish button at the top of your account to see how it looks live.


Here's an example of an the Lightbox view with a caption and title applied. 


Click the arrow to the right of the image to advance to the next image in your gallery.  Click the X in the upper-right corner of the Lightbox to close the view.

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