Introduction to SEO Booster

SEO Booster is a great way to quickly assess your site for opportunities to increase your visibility in search engines.

NOTE: SEO Booster is currently available to site owners with Pro packages and the new internal dashboard. Click here to upgrade your site with a Pro Package.

Add Your Business Information


To get started, click Dashboard at the top of your account and click SEO Booster. This will bring you to your Business Information page. Here, you can add specific keyword phrases and business information that will help you tailor your site to your intended audience.

First, add the name of your business or organization.

Then, add a few descriptive phrases about your business. This will most likely be a product or service. Be sure that your phrases are short, yet specific.


To add additional fields, click Add Product/Service.

Once you enter your key phrases, you will get to choose if your site is for a local business or operates primarily online.

Click Save Business Information once you are done.

Website Keyphrase Optimizer

This will bring you to the Website Keyphrase Optimizer page, where keyphrases have been generated based on the product information you entered on the Business Information Page. Here, you can add, edit or remove key phrases.

NOTE: It is recommended that you add no more than three key phrases and commit to them. Generally, it is better to optimize for more specific phrases where you have the potential to rank higher in search engines, versus broad terms that may have more search queries. The majority of search users click on the first three results on a search engine result page.


Once you have confirmed the key phrases you want to optimize with, click Save Keyphrases.

Start Optimizing

After you save your keyphrases, SEO Booster will begin to scan your website based on those key phrases.

NOTE: SEO Booster will only scan your site for pages created using the Builder, not pages generated with Applications.

Once it is done scanning, you will see your score. Click Let’s Start Optimizing to use the optimization checklist to boost your site.


Click here for an in-depth look at the SEO Booster Dashboard and Optimization Checklist.


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