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If you have a large library of videos that you want to share with visitors, then the Video Gallery application might be a better option than the single Video module. Applications are designed to manage large amounts of content by automatically generating pre-built pages that the site owner does not have to design manually.

To get started:

  1. Click Pages at the top of your account
  2. Click the Apps tab at the bottom of My Pages. The Video Gallery application can be found under All Apps or Webs Apps.

Click here for more information on installing applications and the App Store.


Once the application is installed, you can start adding your videos or adjusting the application Settings.

Click through the following topics for more information on working with the Video Gallery application.




On the Settings page, you can define a custom name for your gallery page as well as enter a description. The custom name will replace "Video Gallery" in your list of pages as well as your main navigation menu. The description will appear on your public gallery just above your videos.

On this page you can also set who can post comments, post videos and manage channels. Most of these settings are powered by the Members app. If you have the Members app installed, you can set permissions for your members like Limited Members, Moderators, Administrators and regular Members. 


NOTE: Be careful when giving members or the public permission to add content, even comments, to your site. As a site owner, managing the contributions to your site are key to keeping your site healthy and visible in search engines

Click here for more information about the Members app and be sure to read the section on Managing Members and Permissions.


Edit Channels


Channels allow you to categorize your videos and they are required when adding new videos to your gallery. On the published gallery, channels will appear to the right as a list under "Video Channels."

Just type in your channel name and click the blue +Add New Channel button. For each channel you can add a description. The description appears on the channel page just above your videos.


 Now when you add your video on the Add Video page, you can choose what channel to place it in.

Add Video via URL



The URL option allows you to add a video by using the URL from a video sharing site, such as Youtube.  Please note:

It is recommended that you use the standard URL format that appears in the browser with the full site address rather than a shortened version for quick sharing.


Other important notes: 

  • The URL option is not for direct linking to hosted video files.
  • If you retrieved your URL from a video sharing site and that video is not appearing in your published gallery, it is possible that you shared a video that has restrictions. These restrictions can only be managed by the video owner via the site you retrieved the URL from.

Once your URL is entered on the Add Video page, you can verify that it is valid when a video thumbnail appears to the right 


Add Video via Embed Code

The embed is a standard Flash code generated by video sharing sites that you can optionally use for your gallery. For this option, you may choose to manually link to a thumbnail image that will appear as a thumbnail in your gallery. To retrieve the thumbnail that appears for a Youtube video, for example, do the following:


  • Go to the channel page for the video you want to share and find the video thumbnail you wish to use. 
  • Use your mouse to right-click the thumbnail and select "Copy image location." This will save the thumbnail URL to your clipboard.
  • On the Add Video page, click CTRL + V to paste the URL in the Thumbnail URL field.



Add Video via Search

The Search option is another way to add Youtube videos. 


Enter relevant keywords or choose between popular and featured videos to narrow your results. If you have a direct Youtube URL,  you can enter it into the search field to retrieve a specific video.

When using this option, keep in mind that you will only be able to click Submit to publish the video to your gallery, You will not be able to add a custom title or description until you choose to edit the video after publishing (see "Edit & Delete Videos" section below).


My Videos

Adding from My Videos means you're adding a video to your gallery that was previously uploaded via the application itself or your File Manager. The video has already been encoded and will appear on your published gallery instantly once you click Submit.


Delete & Edit Videos

The quickest way to edit and delete videos is to hover on the video thumbnail when you're logged into your account as the site owner.  An edit and delete icon will appear just above your cursor.


Click the pencil icon to reach the Edit Video page. Here, you can move the video to another channel and edit the title and description. 


When you click the red delete button, you will be asked if you want to permanently delete the video. If you are sure, click OK. This will remove the video entry from your gallery.

If you are attempting to delete a video that you uploaded from your own computer, it will have to be deleted from the File Manager.

Adding Videos as a Member

If you are allowing members to post videos (see "Settings" section above), visitors with a membership to your site can add videos. When they are logged in, they will see an Add Video button at the top of the Gallery. Clicking this button will send them to the Add Video page.

When members have shared videos with the Video Gallery application, that activity will appear under the "Photo & Video" tab of their member profile. 

Click here for more information on Member Profiles.

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