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SEO Booster is a great way to quickly assess your site for opportunities to increase your visibility for relevant keyword phrases in search engines.

NOTE: SEO Booster is currently available to site owners with Pro packages and the new internal dashboard. Click here to add a Pro package to your account.

After you save your key phrases, SEO Booster will begin to scan your website based on those key phrases. Once it is done scanning, you will be taken to your SEO Booster Dashboard to see your score. The lower your score, the more tasks you will need to complete in order to increase your opportunity to rank for relevant terms in major search engines.

You do not have to complete every task in the same session but you are encouraged to run SEO Booster regularly to see how you can improve your score.

Click Let’s Start Optimizing to use the optimization checklist to boost your site.

WARNING: You can periodically update your chosen keyphrases at the top of the SEO Booster Dashboard, however constantly changing your keywords can undo your optimization work and drop your score. Choose your keyphrases carefully the first time!
Priority Tasks

Click Priority Tasks to expand your checklist items and click FIX to view the recommendation or task.

Get a Custom Domain Name: A custom domain helps search engines rank your site by reaffirming your site's relevance for certain terms with search engines. Clicking FIX for this task will launch an option to see if the domain of your choice is available to be added to your account.


Generate A Sitemap: A sitemap is a file with a list of all the pages on your website. It's not visible to someone visiting your site, but it easily shows search engines all the pages on your site at once. The sitemap is generated automatically once you run your scan.

Optimize Your Website Footer: The footer is a great way to create relevant links to the rest of your site and help search engines understand what parts of your site are important. Clicking FIX for this option will allow you to turn your SEO Footer on as well as add an optional physical address. The SEO Footer will not replace your existing custom footer.


Optimize Your Website Header: Help search engines by creating a header that relates to your keywords, phrases, and site name. This task will direct you to edit mode, where you will be encouraged to make sure your header has your business name and relevant keywords. Click here for more on editing your site header.

Maintain Site Freshness: This is a tip encouraging you to make sure you add new content to your site periodically, since search engines favor sites that are regularly updated.

Homepage Tasks

Homepage Title and Description: Entering a title and site description will improve your site ranking and tell potential visitors what they'll find on your site. This is where you influence how your Homepage will appear in Google searches.


Add Homepage Content: This task will help you make sure that relevant keywords are included on your Homepage, the most important page of your site. From here, you’ll be able to launch your Homepage in edit mode and follow the suggestions for adding content.


Homepage Image Descriptions: Here, you will be able to add "alt tags" (descriptions for the search engines) to the images on your Homepage. Alt tags are alternative text information associated with that specific image that can be found in search engines.


Tasks for Dedicated Pages

A Dedicated Page is a page solely dedicated to a keyphrase. Your first task will be to select from previously-built pages to associate with a keyphrase in order to define it as a Dedicated Page. Tasks for Dedicated Pages are similar to Homepage tasks.



NOTE: You must set your Dedicated Page before the remaining tasks in this list are unlocked.
  • Page Title and Description: This is where you influence how your page will appear in Google searches.
  • Page Title: Enter a page title. Your Page Title will go above any body text on your dedicated page, confirming for visitors and search engines what it's about.
  • Page Content: This task will help you make sure that relevant keyphrases are included on your Dedicated Page.From here, you’ll be able to launch your Dedicated Page in edit mode and follow the suggestions for adding content.
  • Page Image Descriptions: Here, you will be able to add alt tags to the images on your Dedicated Page.
Additional Recommendations

The SEO Booster tool is intended to help you increase the visibility of your site in search engines, however it is important to remember that search engine optimization is an ongoing process!

  • Run SEO Booster every so often, mainly when you update your content to check your score and update your site map.
  • Avoid constantly changing your keyphrases. Maintaining consistent data allows your site to build a history with search engines.
  • Make sure that you are regularly promoting your site. Search engines are a tool for indexing, not promotion. Highly-ranked sites are popular not only because they’re optimized, but because they have lots of referrals via promotion and reputation. Each link into a site or page essentially serves as a vote of credibility and relevance of that content.


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