Social Modules


Social modules allow you to increase the interactivity and networking capability of your website.

If you want to add icons like Facebook and Twitter to your page, they can be found under the Social tab in the module dock at the bottom of the builder.

To begin, drag any of the modules into the desired spot on your page. Once your module is in place you can double-click the placeholder to change settings and enter information for each.

Click through the following topics to check out a video tutorial for each Social Module.

Social Links

Social Links are icons that link to your social media profiles on services like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more.

From the Manage Social Links screen, add links or usernames to the social media accounts you want to direct your visitors to, then click Save Changes.

After your links are in place, you can use the icon picker in the formatting toolbar to change the appearance of your links.

Once you have the desired look for your icons, click Publish at the top of the SiteBuilder.

Twitter Feed

The Twitter Feed module embeds updates from your Twitter account.

Once you drag the module into place, double-click the placeholder to enter your username.

IMPORTANT: Do not enter the "@" symbol when typing your username. Only enter the username or the feed will not display.

Use the Settings menu in the formatting toolbar to customize the colors of your feed's appearance.

TIP: For a professional look, use colors that match or compliment your theme!
Facebook Like Box

The Facebook Like Box allow visitors to like your website on Facebook.

When using the FB Like Box, make sure you are entering the URL of your Facebook business page (not a personal Facebook profile) in the appropriate field.

NOTE: Also make sure your Facebook page does not have any country or geo-restrictions, otherwise it will not successfully publish to your FB Like Box module on your site.

Use the Settings menu to turn the header on and off, show the faces of the visitors that like your page, or show a stream of your updates. You can also change the color scheme of the Like Box.

Facebook Comments

The Facebook Comments module allows visitors to leave comments on your page using their Facebook account. If your visitor wants to leave a comment and is not currently signed into Facebook, they will see a message in the comments module encouraging them to sign in if they want to comment.

 Use the Settings menu to adjust color scheme and the number of posts you wish to display.

Facebook Like Box and the Follow modules (like the Twitter Feed module)require that you enter your username or link in the appropriate field.
Follow & Share

The Follow module creates a button that links to directly to your Twitter page and displays your follower count.

Use the Settings button to adjust button size and display follower count.

The Share module allows visitors to share your page through a number of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Visitors will need to log into their respective accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in order to be able to post. Otherwise the selected service will prompt them.

Use Settings to choose which service you wish to display. You can also change the buttons' appearance in the formatting toolbar at the top.

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