Provisional Account

When you create a free account with Webs, your account is provisional for the first 7 Days. This was introduced as a security feature for free accounts to avoid abusive practices such as phishing, malware and spamming.

As a result, there are some features that will be not available until the account has been placed into non-provisional status.

What are the Provisional limitations?

Here's a list of a few features that will not work until the Provisional Period has ended.

.Zip, and .html/.htm file types cannot be uploaded via the File Manager. These types of files will not be available for use until after the Provisional Period has ended. You'll need to upload the files again after that time. There is a file-size upload limit of 750kb.

Video Files cannot be uploaded via the Video Gallery nor via the Video Uploader on normal pages during the provisional period.

Provisional sites are not indexed in search engines such as Google until they leave provisional status.


Provisional users are limited to 100mb of Bandwidth for the first 7 days. After that, the bandwidth will increase to 500mb. 

How can you avoid Provisional Limitations?

Upgrade to A Premium Account

Premium Account holders do not have to wait the 7 day period and have access to all features included with their individual packages. Click here for more information.

Wait the Full 7 Days

You will be able to access all unavailable features after the 7-day period has ended. This means that you will need to wait until the eighth day to be able to access those features.

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