Introduction to Account Billing

How to Access the Billing Center

The Billing Center contains all the payment activity for all purchases made on your site.


The Billing Information page can be accessed through the Webs Premium tab. 

Step 1: Log into your Webs Account

Step 2: Click on the link Dashboard


Step 3: To access the Billing Information page you can either:

  •  Scroll down to the bottom of the Webs Premium tab and click on the link "Trying to find your billing & subscription information? Click here."



Billing Information

Your billing information is broken down into three sections.

  • Subscriptions - current and previous recurring premium service packages
  • Payment Methods - stored payment methods
  • Billing History - history of payments and payment statuses (successful, failed, etc)



In the Subscriptions section you can view Premium Services you are subscribed to and when your subscriptions will automatically renew (or expire). Additionally you can manage your payment information for each subscription and renew subscriptions early.

Payment Methods

NOTE: Payment Methods will only appear if you are logged into your account with your WebsID and you have a Payment method stored. 

In the Payment Methods section you can review the payment methods on file and add a New Payment Method.

Billing History

In the Billing History section you can review the transaction history for your Premium Service subscriptions, including what date you were billed and for how much. From this section you can also Print your Billing History.

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