The Map module is an easy way to provide the location of your business so your customers can easily locate you. Maps are a great addition to your About page or your Contact page

Add the module to an empty area on your page. The map module is located under the "Popular" and "Other" tabs at the bottom of the Builder. 

Once the module is in place, enter the address of your business into the formatting toolbar. Once you do this, the default map will adjust to reflect the location.


Use the grey handles that appear at the corners of the module to re-size your map.

Advanced Settings


To reach the “Advanced Settings” menu, click Settings in the formatting toolbar. This will give you four display options for your map:

  • Show Controls: display controls that allow your visitors to zoom in and out on the map
  • Get Directions: display a button link to Google Maps that allows visitors to map directions to your address.
  • Show Marker: display a marker that points to your address on a map
  • Color: display the map in color or in black and white
NOTE: The map module is powered by Google Maps. Other map providers cannot be used with the map module.
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