Tables are a great way of placing content into charts like pricing, schedules and menus. The table module is located under the Structure tab at the bottom of the Sitebuilder.

The default table will have one column and one row along with a header.



Click the default table to begin making changes. At the bottom of the table are buttons to add more columns and rows, as well as a settings button and green checkbox to commit to your changes.

To add a new column, click the +column button. A handle for the new column border will appear. You can click and hold the handle with your mouse to adjust the position of the column border.

TIP: Clicking the +column button multiple times will create multiple evenly-spaced columns.

To add additional rows, click the +row button.

You can remove columns or rows by clicking the red Xs that appear in the side of each one.

Step 3: Once you have added your columns and rows, you can begin filling in your content by clicking inside of the table cells.

Table Settings

Click the settings (gear) button to begin customizing the look of your table.

You’ll see five customization options:

  • Header: turn the header on of off
  • Header Color: change the color of the header cell
  • Border: hide or show borders
  • Row Color: define the background color of your rows
  • Alternate Row: define the background color of every other row
NOTE: The default style of your table will depend upon the theme you have chosen.
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