Custom Footer

The Footer is a great place for contact information, additional links, social media icons and more.       

Site owners with a Premium package can add content to the Footer are of the site. You can drag modules into the Footer, just as with other  blank content areas of a site layout.

Use of the Custom Footer is a Premium feature. Click here to upgrade your account to Premium.
REMINDER: Any content you add to the Footer area will show up on all pages. It’s not possible to edit the Footer through the application pages.

Best Practices

While you can add any module to your Footer, it is recommended that you use it for contact information, social media links, copyright or an additional text navigation menu. This is how Footers are generally used, and will provide a more professional finish to your website.

To get started with a pre-formatted Footer, drag in the Footer module located under the "Combos" tab.

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