Keep Your Site Updated

"Why and how should I keep my site updated?"


Many new site owners wonder what to do once their site is published. Publishing your site is just the beginning; aside from promoting it to make sure you are receiving quality traffic, you also want to keep it updated.

It is not necessary to edit your site every day, but making changes and updates once in while is good for the health of your site, for design, content and SEO reasons. Search engines, such as Google, will notice any changes to your site. This helps with indexing and ranking and is one of the reasons regularly updated sites like news and blog sites rank so high.

What follows are a few suggestions on how to keep your site updated.


Install the Blog application.


Provide product updates and other updates related to your business or industry; it's great for SEO and it keeps your readers and customers regularly engaged. You can set the Blog as your homepage by making it the first in your list of pages; this means whenever you update your blog, you are updating your Homepage as well.

Click here for more  information on using the Blog application.


Re-organize your Homepage. 


It's a good idea to rearrange and update things on your Homepage every so often. You may have new products, Blog content or other updates you want to highlight. Repeat visitors may become bored with the same design after several months, so it's a good idea to make visual changes to keep your site fresh. Adding new content to Homepages is also good for SEO!

Click here for tips on creating a great homepage for your site. 


Remove spam.


Unattended websites are breeding grounds for spam, so be sure to check your apps every now and then to make sure none has made its way in. Spam can exist in any application on your site that has an open form - your guestbook, blog comments, forums, etc. Sites that attract and keep a lot of spam are also bad for SEO and indexing. 

Click here for information on how to prevent and remove spam from your website.


Keep company information and your "About" page current.


Check your About page every few months to look for opportunities to update your information, especially if

  • your business model has changed
  • you earned positive testimonials or other good press
  • you won an award
  • you have new promotional images

Click here for more information on creating a great "About" page.


When it comes to webdesign and SEO, you can't just "set it and forget it." Being a site owner requires regular upkeep.

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