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"How can I share raw documents on my website?"

You can create a page to share documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) with the following steps.

Step 1: Access your File Manager by going to Dashboard > Settings > File Manager to upload your files.

Step 2: Upload a file by clicking the blue Upload Files button in the upper-right corner of your File Manager. This will launch a browser window where you can click on the file you wish to upload.


Step 3: Click Pages at the top of your account and then Add a new page to create a page for visitors to download files.

Step 4: Enter a title and select a layout for your page and click Create Page.


Step 5: Drag the Button module onto the desired area on the page.


Step 6: Click to edit to customize your button, then click Link in the top formatting toolbar.


Step 7: On the “Change link” window, select the “File” tab and click on the folder you created to select the file you want to have downloaded. You also have the option to upload a new file.

Repeat steps 6 through 8 for every file you want to create a download button for.

Step 8: Once the page is complete, publish your site by clicking the green Publish button.

Alternative Method

If you simply want to display pdf files, you can use Scribd as an embed option for on-site document viewing. With this method, you will be uploading files directly to your Scribd account and using our HTML module to display the pdf on your site. To learn more about Scribd’s Embed Option click here.

NOTE: Use of the HTML module to embed any third-party code is a Premium feature. To upgrade your site with a Premium package, please click here.
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