Google Checkout Deprecation: FWB-34243

Hey Guys,

Google has announced that  Google Checkout will be retiring later this year. New Google Checkout accounts can no longer be created at this time. You can learn more about Google's announcement here.

How does this affect my Webs Account?

Currently Webs Inc. accounts include the Google Checkout option within the Web Store Application. The following conditions apply to existing accounts:

  • May 20th, 2013- Last day to sign up for Google Checkout
  • November 20th, 2013- Last day to charge orders
  • See additional dates here

We are currently in the process of removing the feature on newly created accounts, however it will remain on old accounts until Google has fully deprecated the feature.

Please be mindful of the action dates above and adjust your payment options on your site accordingly. We do currently offer Paypal as an alternative within the Web Store at this time.

To Setup Paypal in you Web Store:  

  1. From the main Webstore page in the Builder, click on Settings to connect your store to a PayPal account. 
  2. On the Manage Store Settings page, check "Offer PayPal Checkout option to shoppers." This will open PayPal options for your Webstore settings
  3. Under Email address to receive payments, enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. (If you do not already have a PayPal account you can create one.)


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    What on earth are you doing to my account???? How do I get into it to make changes or will it be completely wiped out?

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