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Inventory tracking is a feature available to customers who have upgraded to the Enhanced or Pro premium subscription. You can set up inventory tracking in your WebStore through Settings. Prior to using Inventory tracking it is important to set up your merchant account with PayPal to work with the Inventory tracking feature.


To track inventory in PayPal you will need a Premier PayPal Seller account.

Login to your Paypal Seller Account and follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Profile tab
  2. Under Selling Preferences on the right, click Website Payment Preferences. 
  3. Click On for Auto Return for Website Payments. 
  4. Set the Return URL to: http://yourwebsite.com/apps/webstore/stores/paypal_return

Inventory Not Tracking?

You may notice that inventory correctly updates for some orders while not for others. Items within your Web Store may not show as "Sold Out" when indeed they are

If you are sure you have set up your paypal account correctly, please read further. If you are not sure what that means, no worries. Go to your Web Store Settings to review the instructions in detail. 

What Causes this Scenario?

Unfortunately, if a visitor to your store closes their browser window after the purchase is complete or navigates away from the page before being appropriately redirected back to your site, Paypal will not communicate the change to Webs. That, in turn will cause this issue to occur. 

Please note: This is a typical issue experienced by one who uses PayPal's API to feed inventory information. Many large e-commerce sites have experienced this scenario as well.

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