Transfer a Domain Away

If your custom domain name is registered through Webs you can start the transfer to another domain registrar through the Domains & Email section in your Dashboard. 

  1. Click on Domain & Email from your Dashboard
  2. In "Domain Names," at the bottom of the page, under "More Domain Options," select "Transfer your Domain Name to Another Registrar"  
  3. Click Continue with Transfer on the Did You Know? page
  4. Read the Warning, and click Continue with Transfer
  5. Confirm that the email address that your Transfer Code is sent to is current and valid (if it is not, exit the window, go to Registration Info, and update your email) 
  6. Click Continue with Transfer to complete the request
  7. You will see a confirmation page that reads "Your Transfer Code has been sent to [your email address]"

Once you receive your transfer code you will need to provide this to your new registrar to start the transfer to them. 

By requesting the transfer code, you are also unlocking your domain name, a vital part in the success of the transfer.

How long does it take to receive the email?

You should receive your EPP code via email within an hour. If you do not see the email be sure to check your spam and junk mail settings on the email.


NOTE: If you have an active subscription to premium services, or you have automatic renewal turned ON for your domain name you will need to cancel your automatic renewal for both so that you are no longer charged. Click here for more information on how to turn off automatic renewal for your premium services and the domain name you are transferring out.

If you have multiple domains on your account, select the domain you want to transfer as your Primary site address, initiate the transfer, and then set your primary site address back to your domain that will stay with Webs.

If your domain is not registered through Webs, you will need to contact your Registrar to start the transfer process or change your nameservers to a new host.


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