Video Module

To quickly add a video to your site, locate the Video module under the "Popular" or "Media" tab in the Builder and drag it into the desired location on your website. 


Now that your module is in place, double-click the placeholder to insert your video and apply settings.


Click through the following topics for more information on using the Video module.


My Videos


Select from previously-uploaded video files or upload a new one. With this option, your video will have to encode in order to play on your published website. Encoding time can vary based on file type and the size of the video.


Videos that have just been uploaded may not appear immediately on your published gallery due to encoding. When the video file is “encoding” it is being converted into an online-friendly format. This ensures the video plays for your visitors quickly and seamlessly. The overall time a video takes to encode, however, will vary depending on the file type and size.



In the Youtube search field, enter search terms, a username, or a direct URL to bring up a selection of videos to choose from. 


Embed Code


 Add your own embed code to your page. Embed code is provided from video sites like Vimeo and Veoh. Keep in mind you may need to make some adjustments to the code to optimize how it appears. Most embed code providers will give you options like size and auto play when generating the code.

Publish your page and view the video on your live site. 



As you are working within the Video module, a toolbar appears the top with a few options. You can apply a decorative frame around your video, or align your video left, right or center within the module. 

Keep in mind, you will not be able to play your video on the page in Builder mode; you will have to preview or publish your site to see how the finished product will look.


"Should I use the Video Gallery application to share videos?"

If you have a large library of videos that you want to share with visitors, then the Video Gallery application might be a better option than the single Video module. Applications are designed to manage large amounts of content by automatically generating pre-built pages that the site owner does not have to design manually.

The Video module is better for adding a video to a page with other content like text and images. 


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