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You can reach your File Manager by clicking Dashboard at the top of your account. Once you reach the Dashboard, click Settings and File Manager.

Generally, you upload files while you are editing your site since uploading tools are built into the different applications and modules. The File Manager is where all of your web site's files are stored and where you may directly upload a file without going through the Builder.

NOTE: You file storage allotment is based on your account type. Free sites are allowed 40 MB. Premium sites - Starter, Enhanced and Pro sites are allowed 400 MB, 1,000 MB and 5.000 MB respectively. Click here to upgrade your site to a Premium package.


Click through each topic for more information on using the File Manager.

Upload a File

You can upload a file by clicking the blue Upload Files button in the upper-right corner of your File Manager. This will launch a browser window where you can click on the file you wish to upload. 


To upload multiple files at once, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard as you use your mouse to click on each file.


Click open in your file browser and the files will upload to your File Manager. Once they have successfully uploaded you will see a message saying the upload was successful.


Delete A File

You can delete a file by hovering over the file thumbnail and clicking on the red x that appears in the lower right.


Once you click to delete you will see a prompt asking you to confirm deletion. Click yes to commit to deleting the file.


Sort Files

At the top of the File Manager are your sorting options. You can sort your files by name (alphabetical order) or the date, which will sort the files based on the date they were uploaded.


You have additional options for displaying your files based on groupings:

  • All: displays every file in your File Manager.
  • Images: Filters out every file types except image files (.jpg, .gif, .png)
  • Music: only displays music files, such as .mp3
  • Docs: This will display file types that are documents, such as .doc and .pdf
  • Other: This will display all file types that are not images, music or docs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my available space?

In the bottom right corner of your File Manager you can see how much storage space you have used. The total storage allotment for each account type are as follows:

  • Free - 40 MB
  • Starter - 400 MB     
  • Enhanced - 1,000 MB     
  • Pro - 5,000 MB

How can I check how many files I have uploaded?

In the bottom left corner of your File Manager you can see the total number of files you have uploaded.

How do I upload more than one file at a time?

When you click the Upload Files button in your File Manager a file browser window will open. To upload multiple files at once, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard as you use your mouse to click on each file.

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