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The Send Email Blast option in the Members app allows you to email your members. You can email all of your Site Members, or select a specific group either by permission level or by checking boxes next to the members you want to send the email to. 

You can also review emails you have already sent to see if your members clicked on the link back to your site in the email.

To be started, click the Settings button from your Members page. 
At Member Settings click the Send Email Blast tab. Here  you will find a list of your members. This page includes:
  • Your members list, which you can filter by permission level
  • The subject of your email
  • The message (or body) of your email. We offer a couple special codes you can use to include your site name and member name. Refer to the Glossary below the Message field.
Note: Want to send rich text emails with pictures and formatting? Click here to upgrade your site to Premium.

Preview your email, or send it to the people you have selected.

Review your Sent Emails

Click the Sent Emails tab to review the following information:

Sent Emails

Subject: The subject you chose for the email

Sent: When the email was sent

Responses: How many members clicked on the link to your site in the email. You must use the special code of %site% for this to work.

Actions: Edit the existing email so you can send it again. Or, Delete the email so it does not show in your Sent Emails section.

Invitations Sent

You can invite people from your email contacts, or enter an email address to invite to be a member of your site. 

Note: Premium customers can add custom messages to their invitations. Click here to upgrade your site to Premium.

If you want visitors to be able to subscribe to site updates without becoming full members, you can use the Subscribe module located under the "Other" tab in the Builder. The members app will still need to be installed in order for you to manage the addresses.

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