Frozen Site


If your site is frozen for abuse, you will need to contact the Abuse team by clicking the "click here to contact us" link. This will launch a form where you can provide the Abuse team with any details needed in order to resolve your site outage.

Please be sure to provide the email address set as the Site Owner (the email address used to create your account), as abuse issues can only be discussed with the Site Owner.

NOTE: In order to expedite your request please be sure that you are the owner of the site you are contacting the Abuse team about. Make sure your email to the Abuse team is only regarding the frozen site. For all other issues, use the other appropriate Support channels.

The Abuse Team will usually respond within three business days (Monday-Friday), though response time may vary depending on the amount of inquiries that are received.

Frozen for Terms of Service violation:

If your site is frozen it may have been cited for a Terms of Service violation, including (but not limited to) copyright infringement, adult content or phishing. Please click here to review the Webs Terms of Service.

Frozen for bandwidth overage:

If your site was frozen for going over bandwidth, you will see the following "Oops!" message:



Click here for more information on monitoring and managing bandwidth.

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