Column modules are the quickest way to add side-by-side module placeholders that you can fill with standard modules. 

A 2-Column module is located under the Popular tab at the bottom of the Builder. For an additional 3-Column module, click the Structure tab.

When you start with a blank page in the Builder, you'll see placeholders that can contain one module.



When you drag a column module into a placeholder, it will evenly split the placeholder.



You can also adjust the width of the empty placeholders by clicking and dragging the inside borders left and right.



Want to delete a column? Just hover on your placeholder and click the red X that appears to the right of the top handle. 



Can you add columns within columns to create even more placeholders? Yes! In the image below, the site owner used two 2-column modules inside of another 2-column module to create an evenly-split 4-column placeholder. 



Once you have your columns in place, began dragging your content modules into place. In the image below, this site owner placed a text module into one column and a photo gallery in the other.


You are not limited to how you can use columns but if you want to quickly wrap a single image with text, it is recommended that you use the Image & Text module


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