Depending on the type of site you're running, you may want to add audio to your page. The Audio module is designed for site owners that want to share original compositions and other types of audio content that suit the needs of their site and business.

NOTE: Avoid using sounds that you do not hold the rights to. Posting and distributing copyrighted materials violates the Webs Terms of Service and can result in your site being taken offline. Use this feature with good judgment.

To get started, drag the Audio module onto your page. It is located under the "Media" tab at the bottom of the Builder.


Once the module is in place, add your audio by clicking Upload Audio from the Formatting Toolbar. This will launch the "Insert an Audio File" window where you can choose from previously-added MP3s, or upload a new one.


The accent color of your Audio module will be the theme default, but you can change this by clicking Settings from the Formatting Toolbar. Under the Advanced Settings menu you can also change the size of your audio player, the color scheme (dark or light) and turn Autoplay ON or OFF.

NOTE: Do not presume that visitors will expect or want to hear sound when they visit your site. The recommended setting for autoplay is OFF.


On your published page, visitors will be able to see the audio player in order to pause, play and control the volume.

To remove your Audio module from a page, click the red X that appears at the top handle.


Removing the module does not delete the audio file. If you want to delete your audio file from your website completely, you can do so from your File Manager.


If you have uploaded several files, you can filter to "music" to quickly identify the audio file you want to delete. If you want to completely delete an audio file, it is recommended that you remove the module before deleting the file. 

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