The Carousel is a feature that works as a stylish rotating banner you can use to highlight different pages of your site, products or other notable aspects of your website. Most site owners will use the Carousel on the homepage but it can be used on any page using a Banner layout.


Click through each topic for more details  on adding a Carousel to your site.

Change Layout and Add Images

Get started by changing your page layout to Banner, Banner/Sidebar Left or Banner/Sidebar Right. If this is your first time changing layouts, click here for more information.


Once you change your layout, an empty Carousel will appear in the banner area of your page layout with a prompt: "Double Click to add an image."


Double-click the placeholder to launch the Change Image window. Here, you can choose between previously-uploaded images, free images or link directly using an image URL. You can also upload new images for use.



Once you have your first image in place, you will see a few controls.

  • Click and hold the image area to move re-orient it within the image area.
  • Use the grey bar towards the bottom to zoom in and out.
  • Just below the zoom controls is a handle that allows you to change the Carousel's height.


In the lower-right corner are the following controls:

  • Turn text ON or OFF.
  • Turn title ON or OFF.
  • Apply Carousel Settings like auto-play, transition type and transition speed.
  • Click the green check when you are done editing your carousel.


The controls on the lower-left allow you to 

  • Add a new image
  • Delete the current image
Text and Titles

When you have the Text and Title options set to ON, placeholder text will appear on top of you image.  


Click the placeholder to type your custom text. Although the font type for text and titles are the theme default, you can change font type by using the formatting toolbar that appears at the top of the Builder. You can also link text and titles and apply formatting like bold, italic and underline.

Don't forget to click the green checkmark in the lower right to commit to your changes, and click Publish at the top of your account to make your changes live.


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