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FAQ. Web Storage Space & Bandwidth Options for Free and Premium Users - Read This First

Webspace is the space you use on our servers to store your pictures, videos, audio files, and text.

An image can take up a small amount of webspace - even as small as a few KB (kilobytes), or they can take up a huge amount of webspace - up to hundreds of MB (megabytes).

This amount does not reset. It's like renting a storage locker at a storage facility. If it's large enough to store a couch, a table, and 2 dressers, and you put those items in it, that's it - you're out of room and if you want to add a few bikes, you'll either need to remove the couch to make room for them, or get a larger storage space.

What is Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the transfer of data from your site to the visitor's computer.

If you have 3 images on your home page, and each one is 2 Mb in size, each time someone views your home page, they are using 6 Mb of your bandwidth. If you have 100 visitors, they've used 600 Mb just viewing the home page.

Bandwidth resets every month.

Need More Bandwidth and/or Web Space?

If you use up your bandwidth or webspace, you have two options - purchase more, or use less.

To reduce your webspace, please see this topic: Manage your webspace

Out of bandwidth?
Out of bandwidth? Site frozen for exceeding the allowance?

Webspace and Bandwidth amounts on different levels of service

Web Space For Premium Packages
Custom Domain- 100 Mb
Starter Package- 400 Mb
Enhanced Package-1000 Mb
Pro Package-5000 Mb

Bandwidth For Premium Packages
Starter Package- 5 GB
Enhanced Package- 25 GB
Pro Package- 100 GB

Web Space For Free Users
41.9 Mb

Bandwidth For Free Users
Beginning Quota- 100 Mb
After 7-Day Provisional Period- 500 Mb

All Premium options can be found in the Premium Tab of your account.

Want to purchase only bandwidth or webspace?

Credits can be purchased or earned through performing valid tasks, such as filling out surveys.

Credits can then be used purchase webspace only or bandwidth only. This is a way to get more space and bandwidth without having to purchase an entire premium package.

How much can I purchase with credits?

  • Webspace
  • 100 Mb to 1 GB
  • Bandwidth
  • 1 GB to 200 GB

    How long does it last?

    These features remain on your account for 12 months each and they expire exactly one year from the date you purchased them.

    What happens after a year?

    Your data will NOT be deleted, however you WILL need to purchase the feature again if your account exceeds its quota. Currently there is no automatic renewal so you will need to purchase these again by logging into your account.

    You can visit the Credit Shop to get started.

    For more information on the Credit Shop - click here.

    Resetting Bandwidth and Webspace

    -Bandwidth resets every month on its reset date which can be found in the Site Settings Tab of your Site Manager's Page.

    -If you have surpassed your monthly bandwidth, you WILL see a notice on your Site Manager's Page stating the the following:

    "Your site has surpassed the bandwidth limitations for your package. To avoid being deactivated, please either upgrade or purchase additional bandwidth in the Credit Shop."

    -b>Web Space does NOT reset every month. It can only be decreased by deleting content from your site.

    Other frequently asked questions

    Do photos within the photo bank used up web space?
    No, photos there do NOT use up your web space so feel free to store as many as you like!

    If I post Ads, will it count against my bandwidth?
    If you are just posting codes from ad servers, such as Google Adsense, then no. These kinds of ads do not count against your monthly bandwidth allowance as they are not hosted by your site.

    Need more webspace than the Pro package provides
    Getting more webspace through the credit shop

    Technical Difficulties

    Bandwidth did not reset?

    Be sure to ALWAYS Clear Cache and Cookies to make sure you are seeing the most current content on your site. Please also allow a 12 Hour grace period for your meter to reset as we may perform unscheduled maintenance from time to time which may disrupt your automatic reset.

    Storage Meter did not decrease after deleting items?

    The storage meter might not update right away. If it shows that you are over your limit, and you have deleted enough items that you should not be, then follow these steps:

    1. Go to the File Manager.

    2. Click on SINGLE FILE UPLOAD tool.

    3. Attempt to upload a file. If you see the message that you cannot, due to being over your limit, use the option provided to recalculate your webspace usage. Please note that this can only be done once per day.

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