FAQ. How Do I Delete My Site and Close My Account? Read this First!

Have you accidentally created a site that you didn't need? Are you interested in completely starting over and rebuilding your site from scratch again? Well, Webs.com provides a tool for you to delete your sites in the event that you may decide to do so.

*Special Note for Accounts with Premium Services*

It is not possible to delete your account while you still have active premium services or a custom domain name.

These services will need to expire before you can delete the site. If you're waiting for your Domain Name to expire, as an alternative you can delete all of your files and pages (With the exception of your "Home page" as all sites must have a home page).

You can also remove your site's content from all of your pages, so that the website gives an appearance of abandonment and does not display any content that you may no longer want to show. Unfortunately, you cannot delete the entire site/account if there is a domain name still currently registered through the site.

However, you can cancel the renewal of your services in the "Site Settings" section of your account and take your site offline.

For more information about this process or about deleting premium services, please check out this Knowledgebase article:

How to Delete My Account

Site Deletion

Please Note: You'll need to log in using your Webs ID (Email Address) in order to see these options. Once you've deleted a website, it cannot be restored.

  • Log into your account using your Email Address and Password.

  • Click on the "Control Panel"

  • Click "Website Settings"

  • Scroll down and locate the "Other Settings" section within the sidebar.

  • Click on the link to "Delete this Website".


If you signed in with your WebsID and you do not see the link to delete your site within Website Settings, you can also go to your Dashboard and delete multiple sites there.

  • Log into your account

  • Move your mouse to upper right-hand corner of one of your listed sites to unveil the "Delete" icon (Trashcan).

  • Remove your site

Account Deletion

Please note: You will not see options to delete your account if you have active premium services or a domain name on your site as previously stated.

Deleting your account means that you're no longer interested in hosting any sites with us using a particular Email Address or WebsID. You must be signed in with your WebsID to complete this.

Before you can delete your WebsID, you must do the following:

- Delete or move all yours sites to other WebsID accounts so that you're no longer associated with any sites
- Leave all websites which you are an admin of
- Leave all websites which you are a member of

Proceed with Account Deletion

1. Delete all websites from your account using the previous instructions, if you haven't done so already

2. Go to the Dashboard page

3. Unsubscribe from all site memberships by clicking "Unsubscribe" for each site under the "Sites I've Subscribed To" panel

4. Under the "Account Information" panel, click "Manage Account Settings

5. Click "delete"

6. Click "Delete Your Account"

This will completely delete your website and your account. As previously stated, once a website or account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Questions? Ask below! Thanks!

-The Webs Team
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